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Sunday, February 28, 2016

My favourite dress... EVER

Obviously, some habits die hard. Like the one where I neglect to post.

This will be a quick post -- a post made possible because my daughter Kate's wedding photos arrived! And I can finally share professional-quality photos of my favourite project EVER: ring maiden Lilyrae's dress for Kate's wedding.

The dress is Elodie from Perfect Party Dresses, by Susan O'Connor.

Special shout-out to Phillipa Maitland, who captured this beautiful wedding exquisitely!

Getting ready...

Here is a close-up of the beadwork in the bodice:

Lilyrae LOVED her dress! And why wouldn't she? It was perfect for swinging with Tim...

and even more perfect for dancing!
I was so very pleased to be able to contribute a little something special to this perfect day.
Here are some pictures of the happy couple. To Kate and Chris, love and happiness always!
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Happy Ever After!